A downloadable game for Windows

Push & pull your way through puzzling Sovietpunk facilities as a lost robot with magnetic powers!

This game was developed over the 2020-2021 academic year as our senior project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Factory Reset consists of 3 levels and exists as a demo of the original game concept, scoped down to be achievable by our team during the school year.

Our paper on the project can be found here.


Operating System: Windows

Space Required: 1.6 GB

Factory Reset runs best on computers with dedicated graphics cards. If lag persists, try lowering the resolution in the Graphics Settings. For more troubleshooting information, see the included README document's FAQ.


Christian Orion Adler - 3D Modelling, Texturing

Raymond Dolan - Gameplay Programming, Audio

Elizabeth Kirschner - Accessible Design

Henry "Jusiv" Stadolnik - Gameplay Programming, Design


Prof. Gillian Smith - Project Advisor

Prof. Ralph Sutter - Project Advisor

Skyler Emery - Voice Acting (OLOF-14)

Anastasia Nastya - Voice Acting (PA Announcer)

Kristinia Golina - Voice Acting (PA Announcer)

HDRP Custom Passes - Copyright (c) 2019 Antoine Lelievre, used under the MIT License


Factory-Reset-1.0.zip 870 MB
README.txt 4 kB

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