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How do I get through The Open?

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There's an indicator you need to look for and interpret. Also, when the statue's face glows yellow it means you're back at the start.

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Thanks! I discovered all the encounters, but I couldn't find the newspaper in the remains. The ending spooked me a little.


That was awesome. Really love the look and sound of the whole thing especially the "Grove" and the whole last level. Really well done!

Thank you so much!
Yeah The Grove is definitely still one of my favorite areas aesthetically.

are sounds a clue,im stuck

I don't know which section you're referring to but as far as I can recall, no.

oh thnx


the part with the eyes is really hard but i love it!

haha just gotta have patience!
Glad you enjoyed it so much!


that's a cool game!

Hey, glad you liked it!


Excellent game!

Belated response but thank you! :D


Wow very impressive mood here! I feel like in limbo


Hey, thank you! Always nice to hear when stuff succeeds like that :D


Hey, very nice little game, enjoyed it a lot! :-)

Thank you, glad you liked it!
(Manage to get any of the extra ending details?)

Got stuck in the Grove but I liked what I've seen. :)

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Hey, thanks!
Hint: If you can't think of anything else to do, try resting for a minute. A calm mind might point you in the right direction.

I've seen that there's a little sphere that comes toward you... Hmm...