NOTE: The browser player defaults to the mobile-friendly version, which has a slightly more complicated control scheme but works much better with touchscreens and gamepads!

You can also play this game online on the PICO-8 Forums!

CONTROLS (Mobile-Friendly Version)
Left/Right: Walk
Z/(A): Jump
Down: Drop
Up: Interact
Left/Right while holding X/(B): Rotate the world

CONTROLS (Original Version)
Left/Right: Walk
Up: Jump
Down: Drop/Interact
Z/X: Rotate the world

This is a tiny adventure based directly on FEZ, by Polytron Corporation. It is a fan work, and was not made in collaboration with or endorsed by them.

FUZ features a total of 8 distinct areas. Its visuals, mechanics, and puzzles are all based off those in the original.

I made the music myself, as while FEZ has a phenomenal soundtrack a lot of it does not translate well to PICO-8. I can't claim to be very musically inclined, but I hope it works well enough.

Oh also, there is no save system, but the game is completable very quickly if you know what you're doing so getting back to your previous place is not hard.

And if you'd like to follow my work, check out my Twitter: @Jusiv_

Thanks for playing, and let me know what you think!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(92 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withPICO-8
TagsDemake, fez, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer


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Development log


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I'm stuck on the puzzle that everyone seems to get stuck on with the grid thing that reacts to your inputs. I'm pretty sure I have to do certain inputs in a certain order but I can't figure out how to get a T or an upside down T


O fpm'y lmpe og O djpi;f nr sdjs,rf pg ,udr;g pt nr ds;yu smf dsu jsbomh yp ;ppl sy yjr [o;;st dofresud od vjrs[/ sy ;rsdy O gohitrf piy yep pg yjr yjtrr smyo vinrd ,pdy;u pm ,u pem/ 

Yjr pmr O gohitrf piy vp,[;ryr;u pm ,u pem esd yjr yimomh gptl pmr smf yjr pmr O mrrfrf s noy pg hiofsmvr gpt esd yjr pyjrt [o;;st pmr/ P lomfs kidy omdysmy;u gohitrf piy ejsy yp fp sgyrt yjr mpt,s; [o;;st [ixx;e/

the above text but one key to the left except for the '

I'm stuck on the puzzle where you cant jump to the cube bit, can I have some help/a hint?

Everything you need is in that room. There's something that responds to you, and something it relates to.

I know it has something to do with the pillar and the symbols and how i move etc but i cant decode after a certain poin


oh shit nvm

i got it

idk please help im still stuck

i still don't understand

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as a fan of Fez this is really cool, I like how you did the tuning forks definitely easier to figure out than Fez this is a good alternative to Fez II after that was canceled its just very short so it would be cool if you added more puzzles maybe in an update


Hey, thanks for the kind words!
Unfortunately FUZ is basically at the absolute size and content limit for a PICO-8 cartridge so it's not really possible to expand as-is.


Fez is one of the best games I ever played and I love to see that somebody made a demake that is just as fun as the original!  

Hey, thanks so much for playing and for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :D

I'm stuck here

Looks like you've hit the fabled Puzzle Wall - That cube bit isn't reachable by just jumping, there's a puzzle you have to solve in that room. It does give you everything you need to reach it though.


Such are the perils of having to support 2 control schemes as separate executables across several platforms + a bonus soundtrack download :P

i can't solve the puzzle


I mean
There's more than 1 puzzle so that's not very useful


i beat the game and got the true ending! the anti-cube in the room with the floating rectangle board with text was really... interesting? i guess? how did you even do that? 

And haha that's just exploiting a certain built-in feature of PICO-8 for a slightly unconventional purpose :P

Buenas mecánicas encantadores gráficos impresionante. Pero tiene un bug que el juego se congela al entrar en el portal alguien tiene la respuesta por qué juego en Android.

(Sorry, my Spanish is too rusty for me to respond using it)

Thank you!

As far as the "bug" you mention, going through the portal is the end of the game! If it leaves you on a black screen with a marking in the lower-right corner that means you got the worse ending. You have to complete every puzzle to get a better ending. 

Please note that some remaining puzzles are based off of English text, so it might be extra challenging for people who primarily speak other languages.

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Thanks, now I know what to do. :)

to move on to the next parts stories blocks I need.


Nice! I really enjoyed this game. I've never played Fez, but I think I might have to get it because this was really fun. I was able to figure the language out (with a bit of difficulty). Two of the letters being the same really confused me; I thought I had just messed it up somehow, lol. The true question: What happened to K and Q?? I was able to find every other letter... Or did I miss something?

Hey congrats!!! Always heartening to hear players figure everything out, especially without prior FEZ experience :D

Regarding your language question:
You can definitely find K - one message mentions "skies"!
Q is technically not used in the game but if you learn how the Zuish language works in the original FEZ it follows the same mapping.

i just use the portal after the glitchted part and nothing is happening help pl

Using the repaired portal is the end of the game! However, if the screen you got was almost entirely blank then you got the lame ending, which means there's still puzzles to solve and things to find! You'll have to restart from the beginning to go again but once you know what to do it's not hard to get back to your previous state.

oh thanks but i see 2 cubes parts what i think is impossible to grab them but thanks for the comment. you have my medal of style buecuse im the coolest dude ;)

oh right and a question. there are 9 cube parts in the game right? and one of the nine is impossible to grab too?

There are 8 cube bits in the game, and they are all obtainable ;)
There is one which you cannot get by jumping  - you have to solve a puzzle to reach it.
If you already got an ending without collecting them that means you found at least one of the *other* main collectible type in the game - Anti-Cubes. Those are separate, and equivalent to a whole cube.

o thanks for the information  and the data for the puzzle! . i dont know if i do this but i give to this game the medal of coolness and amazingness to the game and the creator  because im the coolest dude ;)


Amazing game!

yo stilllllllllllllllll

There's a puzzle to solve there. There's a couple important things in that room that will help you.


bruh i can't get the 8th cube on that tunnel world that is unreachable from the island

You are correct that you can't jump to it. Congrats, you officially reached the fully puzzle portion of the game! Every clue you need to reach it is in that room.


We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 17: Pico-8 Games

Woah awesome, thank you so much for doing this! (Also wild that FEZ/FUZ wound up taking almost 40% the episode!)

Regarding your points:

  • FUZ is actually designed to be 100% self-contained. While understanding certain puzzle types in FEZ will help you work through it, since many of the FUZ puzzles are closely based on puzzle types in the original, they won't directly lead you all the way to the solution. At the very least, the symbols used for puzzles are completely changed from the originals. FUZ does try to stick to FEZ-style reasoning though, so yeah people who are used to thinking in those ways may have a bit of an edge.
  • It's great to hear the music hit the right notes for you guys!

If you'd be interested in seeing a (spoiler-y) deep dive into the development and puzzles of FUZ I did do a whole lengthy write-up about it: It will spoil puzzle aspects of both FUZ and FEZ though, so proceed with caution!




Really awesome game with challenging puzzles. I never played FEZ but I will definitely do that since it was so much fun playing this demake.

I made a walk-through video where all puzzles are solved but beware that it contains spoilers.


Hey, thank you so much!

And dang I didn't expect that to be a fully 100% gameplay walkthrough like that :P (you know what I'm talking about <3 )

I don't understand the scene where the pillars say "Fez welcomes you the chamber of the"...

The what? Or is it just "The Chamber of The Fez welcomes you"?

There's a specific, consistent order the language is read in


This game is amazing! I would like to know where you got ideas or references to recreate the core game mechanics used in here. Its something I have quite a tough time understanding and there is hardly much information anywhere...

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Thank you so much! 

Honestly I just used observation of gameplay and screenshots, there weren't any other references I drew from. I identified the basic requirements of the system (position stored on 3 axes, snapping to available floor if Gomez is over a gap and there is any in front of or behind him that isn't blocked by a wall, keeping track of whether Gomez is hidden from the camera on the back layer or not, etc.) and came up with my own ways to implement them. I actually ended up having to use a separate collision function for each of the four perspectives. If you really tinker around with it you'll notice my approach isn't actually a perfect recreation of FEZ's rotation system, because Gomez always gets pulled to the front in mine instead of staying in a fixed place when rotating. 

Also, the actual rotation effect is purely visual trickery - the model's layers (which are just collections of 2D sprites drawn with depth ordering) get a horizontal offset based on distance from the model center, the perspective switch is masked by the sweep effect, and then the layers settle back into place.

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Thats a quick reply!

After trying to observe how the game worked I did notice the game felt like 2d and that white line that comes in when rotating cleverly hides it quite a bit, so until you observe it carefully its not a big deal.

The toughest part for me is creating that collision system. I thought of using invisible cubes but the game doesn't work exactly that way as shown in this video This video shows that gomez actually somehow lands on the appropriate platform which are actually further away from the current platform gomez stands on, thus the use of invisible cube is out. And I was completely out of ideas until I played your game and I plan to create a remake as well but with better visuals. So I thank you again for spending the time to create an awesome game. Illusionary games need more love in the industry.

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body must be provided

Hi. I made a walkthrough movie and pangram.

But first, try to find a solution to the problem yourself. Because this is a really fun puzzle game.

Hey, thanks for playing and for the thorough video! Glad you liked it!
I don't know Korean so I don't know exactly what the context for it was, but the message on the left towards the end was a cute touch

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wow... Jusiv observes me...

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I'm new, where do I donate?   Love the game


Woah, thank you so much! I don't have a formal tip jar set up anywhere and I deliberately don't have any payments allowed on FUZ itself as a legal precaution, but if you really want to you can purchase one of my pay-what-you-want games!


I'm impressed. I enjoyed as much as the original. Thx for this awesome work!!!

Aww that's great to hear! Thanks for playing!


This is amazing. I love how you even hid a heart cube.

Thanks! And hey, nice work finding it! It just wouldn't be FEZ without something extra-hidden :P


This was amazing, I loved it so much!


This was by far the most amazing gaming-surprise I've ever had. Thank you so much for it. Me and a friend played instead of working and plowed through every screen and secret you put in there. Such a lovely tribute to FEZ - not without its own little genius riddles! Is there any chance of you making more FUZ games? I know at least 2 people who'd pay good money for it :-) Again, thank you. There's no other game that I long for more than FEZ 2. 

Aw, thank you so much! Glad I could scratch the FEZ itch a bit with this!
I can't promise any future FUZ games, especially not ones you can pay for (I don't actually own the rights to use FEZ so that would be legally questionable), but I certainly might try future projects in a similar design space!


ur welcome (if you know what I mean)

Nice short game! Really liked it! Great job!

:D (I see what you did there)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

I can't get the last cube in the section with the tree and the tower... thing with the purple sky(I'm really bad at describing things)

(1 edit)

You can't jump to that one, but that room does provide everything you need to reach it!


What is supposed to happen when you enter the teleport? I just get a black screen and a block with three letters on it… Is that the end? I only got one anti-cube!

That is an ending, but it's not the best one. The fact you only got one anti-cube is related to that.


Super fantastic! I struggled a lot with the alphabet, though; it took a lot of filling in the blanks.

Thank you!

The language puzzle is designed so that there are direct clues for what nearly every character means.

Would be awesome if you also included downloads for the music and SFX!


Unfortunately, with the music that's a lot easier said than done. I've never figured out how to properly export PICO-8 music, and the sounds used for music are a bit... less-than-organized because I never wound up having to clear out unused bits. I also use a reverb effect that's enabled by modifying a bit of cart memory, so I have no idea if that can be used with the export feature.

That said, if you've got PICO-8 and are feeling up to sifting through it, the music and sounds are all readily accessible in the PICO-8 cart.

(Or if you just want to listen you could technically just leave the executable running, since there's no idle sound effects.)


Made a video 


This is so cool! I love FEZ, but I am stuck here with deciphering the alphabet, it seems to be inspired by the one in FEZ but not an exact copy. Any hints? Could not find a pangram like in FEZ...


Thank you!
You are correct, there is no pangram. Instead I went with a somewhat more complicated puzzle for deciphering the language that still uses similar logic to the original FEZ.
There may be some clues you've overlooked :)


Awesome work on this demake! Fun to play!


Wow! Stunning demake!! Great job and great use of pico-8 limitations! :)


Very cool how the game just Click the look and feel of the original FEZ, from the level design, the puzzle down to a little butterfly flying around.

Btw help... i can't find the third anti-cube nor figure it out the FUZ language :(


Thank you!
I tried to use logic similar to the original game. There may be some clues you've overlooked.


Thank you so much for this game, I loved it <3 But now I want a FEZ 2 :/

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!
But yeahhh it's definitely a shame that got cancelled.


This is brilliant!


Since there's no haiku in the demake, I made you one:


Ok I've gotta admit I was definitely not expecting that :P
Thank you!


Absolutely not trying to be a jerk. I love what you've done. But am I correct in thinking that their letter "G" is incorrectly rotated from what appears in your game? Just trying to solve this amazing alphabet code.

Nope, there's no G in their haiku. I believe the word you're mistranslating is "name".

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D'Oh! Yes! Thanks. Don't know how I missed it. What an amazing game you've made! I was never able to play Fez when it came out and I am glad your version was my introduction.

Quick question: do you think PICO-8 / Lua is too hard for an 11-year-old to learn? Or should we start with Scratch? Their only coding experience so far has been Game Builder Garage on Nintendo Switch. Thank you for your time and I won't bother you again if you respond.

Absolutely not trying to be a jerk. I love what you've done. But am I correct in thinking that the letter "G" is incorrectly rotated? Just trying to solve this amazing alphabet code.


Beat it AND found the secret. Nice!

Awesome! Thanks for playing!


Awesome! Any reason it can't be played online here on itch?

Thank you! I've now added a browser version here as well!
(I hadn't before because I needed to figure out how to properly create that version, but it turns out it wasn't too hard to do.)